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Specification:Reflexology sandals like on tv. Widespread vascular foot section. This section contribute to channel the blood throughout the body. Rounding magnetic pattern similar to reflexology beneficial. Sandals is able to provide the energy input into the body to facilitate blood circulation. Biidznillah so we can avoid the disease is also even treat disease. Reflexology has been recognized to be able to help overcome various health problems. With only mengguanakan health sandals for 30 minutes per day, then you get the same benefits with a reflexology massage without having to spend a lot of cost. Can be used anytime and anywhere.

Each organ has a nerve points contained in the foot. Tissues of heart, lungs, stomach and liver-point mimiliki titk own nerves on the soles. Similarly, other body parts. There are 36 parts of the nerve point of your foot that connects each of the members of a particular body. In addition there is the understanding of both nodes on the soles. The success of reflexology foot massage techniques are also determined. One of these ways, reflexology massage, and sandals provide health benefits similar to reflexology. So do not delay immediate sandals have health to enjoy an optimal foot massage.

1. Streamlining the flow of blood
2. Make your body be relaxed
3. Improving awareness of body and soul
4. Streamlining menstrual
5. Expedite the work of the heart, kidneys, etc.
6. Assisting the body in an optimal growth
7. Help treat a variety of illnesses including: migraines, insomnia, aches, and various other diseases.

Company Contact
Name:Mr. Harish Khan [Owner/Entrepreneur]
E-mail:Send Message
Mobile Number:081-804500882 / 081-229754729
Phone Number:0271-642490
Fax Number:0271-642490
Address:Jl.Banjir Kanal no.12, Mipitan, Semanggi, Pasar Kliwon
Solo 57113, Jawa Tengah
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